What Is Statistics: Crash Course Statistics #1

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What Is Statistics: Crash Course Statistics #1

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Thanking you very nice teaching
who else hates statistics?
who's here for the AP 2019 stats test?
The background !! So ingenious ! The bell graph , the pie chart , the candle graphs... So aesthetically pleasing..😍
I so love this video 😍 The way the ideas were arranged was so amazing 😉 Very helpful for my class in statistics.
So many things behind the scene to conclude an answer.
I'm a stan for chainsaw statistics! Please feed me more.
If your mom gives you ice cream every night, she doesn't love you. She's fast-tracking you to diabetes. She H A T E S you.
So hard i can't answer it
except the mongols! I love crash course :)
A very lucid explanation!!!
I am only learning about statistics and I’m looking forward to this statistic series. ITS SO FUN AND COOL!!
AP Stats is easier than Honors PreCalc
Mean, median, mode....
This is simply amazing. I’m just a high school student who was interested in what Statistics really was and you have done an astonishing job teaching us about it. I am looking forward to the rest of the series, and be sure to like all her videos!
I hate statistics why do so many women like this subject. ??
Statistics was said 93 times in this video.
The description of inferential statistics is phenomenal- perfect for my 9th grade bio students. Thank you!
I love these crash course series. sometimes I feel just a general overview of knowledge would suffice for my application and this is a great way to get it!

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