What Is Statistics: Crash Course Statistics #1

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What Is Statistics: Crash Course Statistics #1

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"statistik bisa membantu kita merencanakan liburan ke bali bulan desember "
well hello bali
I am the only one who paused the intro and read what they try to write?

Globally, there are approximately 1.5 billion domestic refrigerators and freezers in use today.

Yuma, AZ is the sunniest place on the planet, getting over 4,000 hours of sunshine per year!

The average American woman owns 30 outfits - on for every day of the month.

TVs in the average U.S home are turned on for more than a third of the day - 8 hours, 14 minutes!

The average U.S. house has 300,000 things in it.

We apparently only use 20% of the things we own.
Is course is easy or tough vs physics
Are there any other anxiety-ridden over-thinkers wondering if statistics would be right for them? Or should take a course for the hell of it? Lol constantly over-thinking and feel like this would help me try to make sense of the world around me in a way.
I loved this video! Great job. Thank you!
What ARE statistics....if you cannot tell the difference between one and more than one, you are not fit to comment on anything to do with math.
In case you were wondering the origin of the word "statistics" (courtesy Wiktionary):

From German Statistik, from New Latin statisticum (“of the state”) and Italian statista (“statesman, politician”). Statistik introduced by Gottfried Achenwall (1749), originally designated the analysis of data about the state.
I highly doubt it’s bad usage that causes injuries. Logging is just deadly even for the experienced expert.
Does this whole episode have to be about food? And junk food at that. Now I just want a burger, waffles and candy
This video has left all the important questions unanswered: did the waffle girl get the raise? how many taffies did you eat? and most importantly, does the cat like your cat food?
Great insight into basic statistics but please check your spelling on 9:51 “...ITS batcall would be uncertainty, and ITS tagline...”. Other than that, I love your videos!! :)
check the statestecks
why am i finding this just after my psych ia
Incredible introductory lesson
Thanking you very nice teaching
who else hates statistics?
who's here for the AP 2019 stats test?
The background !! So ingenious ! The bell graph , the pie chart , the candle graphs... So aesthetically pleasing..😍
I so love this video 😍 The way the ideas were arranged was so amazing 😉 Very helpful for my class in statistics.

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